The concept of the restaurant Schneider Weisse Brauhaus in Rostov-on-Don was borrowed from a similar restaurant in Munich, which belongs to the same beer house. It is headed in the sixth generation by the Schneider family. more...

      The restaurant is located in the central historical part of the city of Rostov-on-Don, in a building built in the mid-19th century. The original brickwork gives the facade of the building an authentic view of the building of the 19th century.
      The restaurant has several summer playgrounds, two of which are on the roof, from where a magnificent view of the Don river opens.
      The interior and the shape of the restaurant workers are strictly in the Bavarian style. Lovers of live elegant music will be pleased with high-quality musical accompaniment: from Tuesday to Sunday professional music groups perform light lounge music.


      Chef Yuri Yubuzov creates unique dishes for the restaurant. Talent, skill, creativity, multiplied by the colossal experience gained in Munich restaurants - all this allows him to create famous dishes of German cuisine combined with European dishes with the addition of magnificent Don specialties. The ability to harmonize the tastes of dishes with the unique varieties of German beer Schneider - the visiting card of this master.

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      The restaurant Schneider Weisse Brauhaus is located on 2 floors and has several rooms in Bavarian style. The style eclecticism of wood, antique brick, metal guides, leather armchairs, carpets in combination with soft diffused light creates a warm and cozy atmosphere. Ancient German engravings, placed on all floors of the restaurant, give the interior the atmosphere of an old German gallery.

Friends, on July 22, a real Bavarian gastro dinner was held in our restaurant.

In the menu:

  • pork knuckle on a spit / foam TAP-7
  • assorted bavarian sausages / foam TAP-4
  • cabbage salad with fennel and green apple / foam TAP-1
  • cream with berries / foam TAP-6

Incredible taste of cuisine combined with the best varieties of foam - will make your evening truly Bavarian😉

Partner of the evening - «Partner» Company

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      For the concept of the restaurant Schneider Weisse Brauhaus took the best from the menu of the Munich restaurant and supplemented it with such important sections for Rostovites and guests of our city as the local cuisine of the Don and, of course, the division of meat cooked on the grill.
      Guests of the establishment are offered a wide selection of elite varieties of delicious Bavarian beers. Fans of spirits will discover a wide variety of offers: from popular to rare and exquisite.